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Thu, Mar 21


Angel's Nest

EARTH SCHOOL - Celtic Shamanism and Breathwork Training

Celtic Shamanism, Healing Breathwork and Earth Wisdom Teachings for self-transformation and to become a healing practioner.

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EARTH SCHOOL - Celtic Shamanism and Breathwork Training
EARTH SCHOOL - Celtic Shamanism and Breathwork Training

Time & Location

Mar 21, 2024, 7:00 PM PDT – Feb 02, 2025, 11:00 PM PST

Angel's Nest , Altadena, CA, USA

About the event


Earth Wisdom Teachings with Wahe Guru

An Elemental Initiation Into Your True Nature

In EARTH SCHOOL we will delve deeply into Celtic Shamanism, Healing Breathwork, channeling, rewilding earth practices, the Archetypes of Gods and Goddesses, ritual and ceremony, herbalism, divination and mysteries hidden in plain sight of the mundane. We will work with interactive solo and group experiences, creative expression, self-initiation, developing a mastery of the elements to evoke long-term change in your internal and external environments. Every time we gather, you will share your gifts in community and be seen and celebrated for just being YOU.

Revision yourself as a magical being, capable of creating anything you want.

All living beings and life forms are connected.  We are inexorably linked to Mother Earth and all her inhabitants.  In the grand design, we were created to work together in synergistic collaboration, where everyone and everything has a place and a purpose.

-Who are you, and why are you here?  What is your purpose and how are you called to be of service?

-Are you dancing to the rhythm of your own heart?  Or are you following the external expectations of our modern world?

Many of us are awakening to the knowing that there is something more to life than the surface realities of home, work,and family.  There are wake-up calls being heard everywhere, trying to get our attention.  Telling us that we are out of balance and need to redirect our course.  First world countries have more money, resources, and technology than ever before and yet people are dissatisfied, unhappy, and incredibly stressed.  Anxiety, depression and all forms of mental illness are at an all-time high.  Modern comforts and conveniences are making us sick and/or killing us because they weaken our natural immunity and ability to regulate our own nervous systems.  We long for heart-to-heart connection with others and a sense of belonging and yet we are separated and isolated on our phones and devices, comparing ourselves to other’s peoples illusionary projections on social media.

When a way of living is no longer working, it makes no sense to continue applying the rules of the old paradigm to heal our current one.  What is required is a total redesign.   When we rewild ourselves, we remember the ways of our ancestors.  When we return to a state of alive presence, we become more aware of the elements and how we can be in harmony with them.  As our nervous system is soothed and stabilized, the fight or flight response relaxes and you are able to regulate all systems of your body.  When we come fully into our bodies, we remember our true nature and how we are all a part of the vast web of life.  We remember who we are.  We remember why we came here.

You are invited to journey on a path that your ancestors walked.  Practice the Old Ways of the Celts to be a part of creating a new paradigm on earth.  Follow the cycle of the seasons and develop a child-like wonder as you explore the world around you, seeing everything through new eyes. Revision yourself as a magical being, capable of creating anything you want.

Each of the five Elemental Initiations provides an experience of transformation as you complete the past, heal relationships, learn to be fully present, activate prosperity consciousness and imagine a new future into being.  Every exercise, ceremony, group session, initiation, and weekend retreat bring opportunities for healing individual, generational, and collective trauma that is stored in our DNA.  When trauma has been processed somatically it opens up a space for new possibilities, freedom and peace.

You are invited to go on a year- long magical adventure with Wahe Guru and a cohort of heart-centered community, at Angel’s Nest in the forest near Los Angeles.

Earth School - Embodiment (2024 Cohort)

  • Wheel of the Year - Intensive Training
  • Five Elemental Initiations
  • Three immersion retreat weekends
  • Eight Celtic Shamanic Ceremonies
  • Monthly 2-hour Earth Wisdom Teachings with Wahe Guru (Zoom)
  • One 90-minute and one 60-minute private session with Wahe Guru
  • Healing Breathwork
  • Heart Opening Movement
  • Cold plunging
  • Somatic Healing
  • Earthwalk practice
  • Intuition training
  • Channeling training
  • Homeplay - Guided healing practices, creative self-expression assignments
  • Partner work - 2 sessions per month (with cohort members)
  • Weekly cohort check- in (Zoom/calls)
  • Beautiful Life Project - coaching and assessment
  • Lifetime access to all recordings
  • $3,900 Intentional investment
  • $3,700 Early Bird by March 1st

Payment plans available upon request.


  • Three weekends Saturday - Sunday
    • AIR INITIATION Ostara - Spring Equinox, March 23rd -24th
  • FIRE INITIATION Litha - Summer Solstice, June 22nd - 23rd
  • WATER INITIATION Mabon - Fall Equinox, September 21st - 22nd
  • EARTH INITIATION - December 7th
  • ETHER INITIATION - January 18th
  • Ceremony Dates:
    • Ostara - Saturday, March 23rd
    • Beltane - Saturday, May 4th
    • Litha - Saturday, June 22nd
    • Lughnasadh - Saturday, August 3rd
    • Mabon - Saturday, September 21st
    • Samhain - Sunday, October 27th
    • Yule - Saturday, December 21st
    • Imbolc - Saturday, February 1st, 2025

To find out more, attend an Info Session or schedule a discovery call with Wahe Guru.

To register, go to Services and select Earth School.

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