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Time to Change

One year ago at this time, I could barely walk.  

I was trapped in a body that didn’t match my spirit.  My body was obese and I had countless physical issues that created inflammation and excruciating pain.  All I was doing was managing the pain and trying to find answers but nothing was working.  As I got larger, my world got smaller.  No matter what I tried, nothing was working and “solutions” only offered temporary relief. 

The experience of becoming obese didn’t happen overnight.  It was a slow process over about 12 years of overdoing it; giving away too much of my life force energy to others, being a healer/caregiver, not listening to my body and then finding comfort in food, eating from an emotional “reward” place rather than intuitive eating or “food as fuel.”

This is not a typical "weight loss story" and I’m not selling any diet or product.  What I’m guided to share is a process of spiritual surrender that I have been through over the past year, where my body has been willing to return to a healthy weight.  Actually, I realize that I am selling something. I'm selling inspiration for self transformation. I'm here to offer proof that change is possible. Not only am I not in debilitating pain anymore, I can walk, run, do yoga, dance and jump for joy.  I am sleeping better, no longer snoring or have sleep apnea and have more consistent levels of energy than I’ve had in about 14 years.  Not only has the inflammation gone away, but so have almost all of the conditions I was suffering with for so long.  My birthday for my spiritual program was last week and my intention had been to share my success story after I had committed 365 days and hit my goal weight.  By God’s grace, and with the support of my loving family and friends, I was able to realize that goal last Sunday.

This is not a health sermon and I’m not here to convince you of anything.  I want you to know the covenant of my heart and invite you to evaluate yours.  We all already know everything there is to know about diet, nutrition, exercise, weight loss.  There are countless experts who can educate you for years about all the nuances of health.  Unfortunately, just knowing about something doesn’t necessarily equate success in changing your habits and lifestyle.

What is the magic essence that sparks real, lasting change? 

I’ve always thought that if I could quantify the alchemical formula for change, that I could help a vast number of people (including myself).  Over the past three years I have been working on it, experimenting on myself by taking on habits and lifestyle changes that I have always wanted to make.  Here are 10 teachings on how to make positive, lasting change:

  1. Make a deep, soulful choice.

  2. Once you have made a choice and you are inspired, you have a 24 hour window to take action.  Grab the chance for freedom.

  3. Have a plan with clear, measurable steps to achieve your change.

  4. Make a bold statement of your intention.  Write it down and share it publicly. Hold on to your intention with fierceness and total commitment!

  5. Share with other people and hold yourself accountable.  

  6. Be willing to fail but not give up.

  7. Be willing to do whatever it takes, without knowing how.

  8. Only change one thing at a time.

  9. Be willing to see that having discipline is not hard.  Discipline is an active state of surrender to a higher truth.  Discipline gives you an opportunity to become a disciple of self-love, integrity and balance.

  10. In one year you can accomplish just about anything you want.

I have personally followed these teachings and in the process, developed daily practices to share with others.  Here are some of the changes I have made in the past 3 years using these principles;  I have become vegan, alcohol free, healed myself of Epstein Barr Virus and autoimmune conditions, let go of an addiction to watching shows nightly, become an early riser, released sugar and flour, spend time in nature and/or hike every day, cultivated a more conscious, loving relationship with my husband, and lost 50 lbs.  When I write it all down it really does seem like a lot of change!  Many of these things I have worked on for years and done extensive research and study, so the changes didn’t happen overnight.  But there was something that I learned which clicked for me in a new way.  

The fundamental essence of change is inner choice.  A choice that you make consciously, bravely, willingly and in the face of resistance.  As with most spiritual teachings, there is a paradox that exists within.  Making long term, consistent change does happen by magic, because you are moving, changing and creating a new reality that previously didn’t exist.  And…making a change doesn’t happen by magic.  It happens by the sweat, blood and tears that you put into the work day after day.  

In all honesty, I love my recliner and it’s much easier to sit there and watch my moments scroll by.  Someone once said to me, “choose your hard” because it’s hard to give up sugar and flour, but it’s even harder to be obese and not be able to walk.  This concept applies to everything.  

It is my mission and life purpose to learn practices for peace, balance and happiness and share them with others.  In the past three years, I’ve awakened to an even deeper desire to live my life fully and be of service with my whole being; body, mind and spirit.  In order to do that, I had to change.  

This is my story.  



Remember that you are deeply loved and totally cared for.  You belong here and your light is needed to change our world.

I love you. 

Wahe Guru/Gisela




I invite you to write your own story of positive change!  Let’s inspire each other to play full out in this beautiful life we have been given.  If you were willing to change, without knowing how…what would you choose?  

One of my newest offerings is a monthly Zoom/phone membership of 4 spiritual life coaching sessions per month (over a period of at least 3 months).  The membership includes homework and daily practices.  This is one of the accessible frameworks that I use to share the teachings of change.  My clients are getting inspirational and dramatic results.  

If you are new to my work, I want to offer you a 30 minute spiritual consultation as my gift.


Text 626-274-4953 to schedule

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I love you, Wahe Guru. You introduced me to Kundalini yoga many years ago in Eagle Rock. We then reconnected when I certified in 2013 at the Awareness Center. You are beautiful & truly an inspiration. I’m happy for your good health. May God continue to surround you with love & light. Warmly,



Sep 27, 2023

So proud of you, Gisela! You are truly an inspiration!🩷


Dear Gisela, you are a tr inspiration and model for good living each and every day😇! Please keep fighting for a life that is right for you🙏!! And keep up your blog for all of us👨‍👨‍👧‍👦!!

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